Josue Castillo

My name is Josué Sánchez Castillo. Thank you, Just Solution, for helping me in my hardest times. I was involved in a severe car accident in which I needed a shoulder surgery. Not only was I informed every single step of the way about my case but was also called with a friendly reminder about my doctor follow ups.  Just Solution Law fought for me and also obtained loss of earnings that were lost while I was recuperating from my shoulder surgery. Since the first moment that I put my case in your hands you gave me the confidence and security of trust! Thank God and Just Solution Law Group, today March 15, 2019, I was able to receive considerable compensation!

Julio Hernandez & Family

First of all, I’d like to thank Just Solution Law for the exceptional work they did on my case. I was involved a serious accident in which I was in crutches for a couple of weeks. My case manager was very helpful in answering my questions to the best I could understand (I have never been in an accident, so I was lost). I recommend this law office to anyone that is looking for an office where their priority is the client!!

Fransisco Zavala

I was involved in a rear end accident. My car was totaled and I got a severe injury on my knee. A family member referred me to Just Solution Law and I am so glad I chose them for my case. Martin Chu, fought for my case, he went above and beyond to get me the highest settlement amount possible. I thank everyone at the firm who helped with my case, (especially Mina) she made me feel like family because throughout the entire time, she kept my best interest in mind. Thank you so much for the excellent work. Just Solution Law has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend!

Jennifer Choi

I got rear-ended by the other car and I pushed forward the car in front. The liability was being investigating between the insurance companies and I went to the treatments a couple of months because I had a severe neck pain. When I requested for reimbursement of my medical expenses from at fault insurance company, they didn’t want to pay for my medical bills. When I tried to hire an attorney, no attorney wanted to take my case because my medical bill was too high compared to my vehicle damage. Just Solution Group was the only attorney office that would take my case and committed to give me the best service. Not only I got to pay my medical bills but also got compensation for my pain and suffering. I always refer Just Solution Law Group to my families and friends. They are all happy about it.

Dae Yeon Won

I got into the car accident with the vehicle which ran on the red light. I was 100% sure that I ran on the green, yet the other driver claimed that he ran on the green. I only had liability insurance and didn’t know what to do with repairing my car and my injuries. Just Solution law group believed in my statement and took my case. They gave me the instructions all the details how to take care of the property damage and bodily injury. I didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. Mr. Martin Chu, my attorney fought for my side and won money for my bodily injuries, emotional trauma and loss of wage.

Jae Chun Jeon

I am an Uber driver. I just got into the car accident when I just dropped off my rider. My Uber App was on, but Uber Insurance Company said that they would not cover any of my damages. Dealing with Uber Insurance policy was very complicated and Yuni Choi, the Uber expert advisor from Just Solution Law Group, took care of every problem that I had to deal with. I could get 100% reimbursement of wage loss while I could not drive for Uber. I trust Just Solution Law Group for her expertise and dedication on my case.

Alejandro Gonzalez

I have been a client of Just Solution Law Group for many years now and have been more than satisfied with the outcome of my cases. My attorney has fought for me even in the most difficult of situations and never gives up. He fights with the insurance company to make sure that am always awarded what is fair. I would never consider going anywhere else.

Elvin Guradado

I was involved in a 3 car collision on April 11, 2018. I hired Just Solution Law Group and they were able to help me get through this situation. Initially the insurance company did not want to take responsibility claiming that it was my fault. My attorney was able to prove to the insurance company that their insured was at fault and had them pay for my damages and for the days I was without my car. I was always kept well informed regarding any updates and worked hard to get me a fair compensation for my injuries.

Vilma Larios

I am very grateful to Just Solution Law Group for their efficient work. They worked very hard to achieve the best results for my daughter and I and made sure I was always informed and understood everything. I had to leave the country due to a family emergency just as my case was about to settle and they kept communication with me even as I was away so that there wouldn’t be any delay in my case. I would definitely recommend this law firm.

Luis Guevara

I was injured at work and was sent to the workers’ compensation doctor. When I was put on disability by my doctor, the insurance made me believe that I couldn’t receive any benefits. I hire Just Solution Law and within weeks they were able to get the workers’ compensation insurance to pay me my benefits.

Eva Lopez

Just solution Law has a great attorney! I injured my back at work and I started to receive a lot of letters from the workers compensation insurance company. I didn’t know what to do with them. I contacted their office and they explained all the letters and I would always know what was going on with my case and every time I called they would answer my calls and messages. He did everything possible to help me get the best compensation possible.

Luis Rivera

From beginning to end my lawyer delivered as promised. I injured my left knee and back while working and my friend referred me to this attorney. I was very satisfied with my experience with Just Solution Law. They were able to get me the best compensation for my case. DO not do this alone; hire this lawyer to get the best results in your case.